A LOTUS which budded from nothing to something exceptional.

To understand life and sacrifices and living to the fullest without giving up is the hardest and the greatest thing to do. That is the main purpose of the human existence, and if anyone served the best purpose of life, that is Sai Padma Murthy.

Sai Padma Murthy is a polio survivor who found a way of living by giving.  She is the founder of Global AID(Ability in Disability), an NGO in Visakhapatnam which focuses on education and wellbeing of the unfortunate citizens.  She was contracted with polio when she was 45 days old. Her parents are doctors, who waited to administer polio drops on her, after 3 months which was as per WHO guidelines. She had to be taken to the nearest hospital in Visakhapatnam. By the time she was taken to the hospital, she had already lost her voice and entire body functionality. She had to undergo around 52 shock treatments to be able to move her body and speak again. Polio affected her at a very young age, and in this case, it would be very obvious that anyone in her position would have given up. She, on the other hand, was very brave and fought against her conditions. 

As a young girl, she spent most of her time in the hospital getting treatment. She underwent 18 surgeries including a spine surgery for a medical condition called gross scoliosis to release her compressed lung. Even her parents never gave up on her or lost hope. Little did they know that this girl would grow up to be someone who received lots of love and respect for the way she has seen life and the positive attitude that she carries. She could move with a wheelchair and lots of pain but could never go to work. She did not lose faith in herself even though she faced a lot every single day. She undertook accounting and law for her education and then followed her father’s advice “Service is health”, which is when she started working for the welfare of other unfortunate children who are either financially suffering or physically handicapped. 

She is now running her NGO very well and has helped a lot of young children to grow and develop, no matter what challenges they are facing. She is the best example of “Giving opens the way of receiving”. She has been helping underprivileged children and people with disabilities and in India for around 20 years. She has been nominated as one of the Most influential women under BBC’s prestigious 100 Women Project. She says her legal practice is her profession and social work is her passion. She acquired love and respect not only from her parents but also from the children of Global AID. Through her social work, she met her husband to be and married in 2008. Her husband, Mr Pragnanand is the perfect epitome of care and compassion, and the couple says they are proud parents of 300+ children at any given point in time. For the first time she could stand up with a lot of training and with the help of dynamic braces from the USA, she was so happy that the very few seconds she stood; she hugged him for the very first time in their married life. She is on her way to walk with braces and hopes that her dream of painless walking will be a reality. 

She loves children, and even though she could not have a biological child, the love that she received from the children at her NGO made her feel no less than a mother. They filled her life with happiness and did not let her feel deteriorated of motherhood- the happiest phase of life.

Today, she inspired a lot of young women and everyone who is challenged to never give up on life. Your life will depend on how you react to it in the hardest situations. She took life in the best way when she had nothing and made a beautiful life with whatever she has. She is a true hero and explained the sole motive of life to the world. 

Message to Women:

“Love yourself and do not be limited by disabilities. Every disability, be it physical or social, is an opportunity to nurture your innate/invisible abilities that are hidden behind the physical/ visible disabilities. After all, disability is a matter of perception