About Us

She Endeavors (SheE) is an NGO working primarily for women empowerment primarily information gap in the areas of women rights, health care, financial inclusion and leadership. In the age where information is empowerment. Through web platforms, lectures and simple documentation SheE provides information on various laws, government initiatives, schemes which helps women to claim their rights for entitlement and get rightfully what belongs to them. She Endeavors provides critical information in simple and understandable forms on acts like Prevention of Sexual harassment at workplace, protection of women from Domestic violence, Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences etc. which allows women to know their rights and also help others who are silence sufferers just because they lack information.


Apart from these She Endeavors also have other programs like ICON – Everyone Is One. It is a Gender Sensitivity program, where She Endeavors organizes lectures in various colleges on Gender Sensitivity and Equality to educate (Sensitize) youth.


Also, She Endeavors has CEO Connect Program, which gives an opportunity to budding women entrepreneurs from colleges by connecting them to CEOs for an internship. Thus She Endeavors creates role models among the women which inspires the other women to take up the leadership roles.


Thus She Endeavors acts as a information repository, which is accessible in simple and understandable form to women and other NGOs working in these areas which in itself acts as an empowerment tool.