She finds the biggest potential for sustainability, from being a passionate Dancer to Motivational Speaker

Kanika Joshi, a Delhi girl who graduated in Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Delhi University, Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development Practices from Teri University. Her profession is as Development Practitioner/Researcher: Project Officer for Solutions Team at SDSN Youth and Research Associate at Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMRlead). She has great regional experiences by Conducting Social Science in Uttrakhand, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Delhi and few international experiences on working group member on Human Rights of the 11th Conference of Youth held in Paris Invited Speaker at the International Youth Forum on Innovation 2017 held in Singapore
Selected research for the Coffee Study Program 2018 held in Italy and the Dominican Republic.


 Her passion is dance. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, her life revolved around contemporary dance. But when the time came for her to choose her career path, her family encouraged her to pursue something more conventional, so she chose to study commerce at a university with the best choreography society she could find! She got into a course at the University of Delhi with an “extracurricular activity quota”. While initially she only wanted to follow her passion for dance, her Corporat

Kanika Joshi’s Dance  Social Responsibility class and love for artists helped her to discover sustainable development practices, which changed the following course of her life. In her third year college, she got a major injury but never took it as a setback for dancing and motivated herself to pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development Practices at TERI University. Going on a research trip to a rural community in Kalahandi, which is known as one of India’s most impoverished districts, made her realize that it is a matter of pure luck that some of us are born in urban areas and benefit from an intergenerational transfer of wealth and resources and helped her discover my interests. She was sure she wants to stay in the development sector and work towards SDGs and continue dancing.  

Her belief that we can work together for the cause of reducing poverty regardless of race, culture, sex, occupation, or any geographical boundaries, and this motivates her to live sustainably in her own life. She also believes there is a place for performance arts to create impact, and that everyone can use their unique abilities to produce something good. Dance is still an important part of her life that was earlier a medium to voice her opinion, create awareness, and express her concerns against social inequality.

Her parents and the generations before them originally came from Uttarakhand, the birth town of the Chipko movement located at the footsteps of the Himalayas.  Her family carried on the traditions of its homeland by always staying environmentally conscious.


 Currently, in her lifestyle, she finds the biggest potential for sustainability in her choice of working for development both on a professional and a personal level. Be it becoming vegetarian, walking to get around, or not using plastics or air conditioners, she tries her best to reduce her carbon footprint. However, it is still a long journey, she says. “Even making small changes and rethinking the ways our daily lives function can help create a movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle. It is equally important to incorporate empathy into our relationships, to share stories with each other and to take the time to listen, especially when so many of us cross paths every day but don’t realize that there are ways to help each other.”She is a strong propagator of stories and likes conducting qualitative research quantitative evidence needs to be supported with anecdotes to have deeper insights. At the age of 24, she has already authored several blog posts, given talks at various international conferences and co-edited the first edition of the Youth Solutions Report.

Message to Women:-

Be bold , fearless. This patriarchal society ain’t stronger ain’t  bolder ain’t brighter than your dreams. Don’t let these things succumb you or drift you from your goals. You are amazing! Remember that.”