Stop not till goal is reached

Women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessing a great strength and endurance. Here, Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing but to turn it into glory. Countably there are women who are strong-headed and have always been an inspiration to others.

There are women who make things better, there are women who change surroundings, there are women who make dreams happen, who make a difference. One among such women is ‘Niharika Reddy’ who was born in a Telugu speaking family. Though she was slumped in numerous phases and had no acceptance by her own family, yet she is a leading costume designer in the current racing fashion sphere. Raising the point of the subtlety of perception among humanity, what everything matters or interests is the profession attained by famed ones than the facet they voyaged. 

Niharika Reddy is one among the leading fashion designers in Tollywood.  She had gone through trauma when she faced rejection from her near and dear ones. She lost her mother at an age of 5 months. Her father left her and married other women. She was raised by her maternal grandparents until she was five years old. Then she was sent to her father and stepmother after a deep discussion on this issue. She was treated badly by her stepmother, who harassed her and treated her to the worst level. Niharika was tired and wanted to escape but circumstances didn’t let her do so. Due to her attempt to escape, her dad had put on a demand where she had to get her TC from the government school which they made her join when she came to Hyderabad from Ananthapur. With a hope of freedom she somehow got the TC from her school and flew away from her father’s cage of harassment.

Due to the ageing of her grandparents, she was shifted to her maternal uncles home where she got promoted from second to fourth grade. She completed her 4th and 5th-grade schooling. But lack of finance made her land back to her father’s cage. Unlike last time, Niharika was grown up and completed her seventh and eighth successfully and did her work as a maid at home and at the functions, she attended too. She eloped from one of the marriage she attended with her father to her home where her paternal uncle kept her in the hostel so that she could complete her matriculation. She lived there for a year. She had to stop her intermediate in between due to her father who stopped paying her fees.

She finished her 11th staying with her hostel maid on a condition that she will top in class. Due to health issues, Niharika was unable to do well in her 12th which forced the maid to kick her out of the house. Depressed Niharika when to her grandmother while they were ransacking her life partner. But NO! Life had a twist. Her future husband met with death before he could meet his life partner. She then came to Hyderabad to move on and to fulfil her acting dreams. After giving the auditions, she got selected and hence her journey in Tamil industry train had begun. As time passed, she got introduced to Tollywood and under the guidance of Director Teja; she worked as asst in his office. Due to her dream of becoming an assistant director under a renowned Director S. S. Rajamouli, she contacted his close colleague, Kannan from Tamil industry and stepped up towards her dream. But destiny had other plans for her. Destiny has made these both hearts together and helped them take vows. 

Niharika had a very harsh childhood but due to her strong head and faith, she has passed all the hurdles that came across her. She has lost hope twice and attempted suicide but still never stopped coming back to reality and move on in life. Niharika believes that she has a very bright future waiting and should never stop reaching it no matter how many breakdowns she went through. From her story, we can conclude that life is a precious gift given by God. No matter how much lonely and heartbroken you become, you should believe that God has the best choice blessing on you. If God has given you life as a human then he might have thought some good for you.

Message to Women:

“Believe in yourself. Do not compare with others. Climb your path with all your hope and determination. Someday your dark tunnel will be ending and you will have a new life to embrace. Chase the light