We all are rushing and gushing in this huge world to create our mark, maybe a Trademark!

In this rat race she excluded herself, she broke the stereotype, she is Miss Prerna. Miss Prerna was born in Mumbai, the city of dreams. She was never the one to follow that traditional path of education, she instead decided to drop out of college to pursue her passion for learning through experience. With nothing but enough ambition, this 18-year-old started at the bottom of the job market as a receptionist in Dubai. 

Passionate about learning through the experience she changed jobs every 2-3 months, going from a receptionist, to administrator, to hospitality, to advertising & sales, to marketing, interior designing and then finally settling for 2 years as a cabin crew. Of her experiences she says,“ The learning has been tremendous, even the smallest job teaches you so many little aspects of a business. It was like doing an MBA and getting paid for it. All these exp with a  desire to create better opportunities for herself, she moved back to Dubai and started an interior company in  2005, However, a few bad decisions & investments, the business didn’t do well bringing her to the brink of bankruptcy!  Not one to give up easily, she slowly got back on her feet and started another interior company, Mokha design. This time having learnt from experience she was successful in leaving her creative mark on various residential & commercial projects in Dubai. 

Always on the lookout for exciting opportunities, she found one in the form of a Treasure hunt! In 2012, a community treasure hunt event inspired her to co-create a unique event concept with her best friend. With a  lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, they turned it into a large scale event on a public scale. The support of international brands like Mercedes-Benz, Pirelli and government organizations was crucial in making the event a huge success, providing the company with great PR, leading to many other corporate and public event opportunities.  Over the years the company grew to have many loyal customers & Multinational brand as clients for corporate and team building events. In 2015 they successfully sold the business – Detour events to a private investor, prior to her return back to homeland India, 

 They say ‘Marriage changes everything’, In her case, she returned back to join her husband and explore opportunities in India. Having a part Bihari heritage, she was intrigued by the health benefits of popular Bihar food called “Sattu”- A highly nutritional flour with many health benefits including cooling tendencies which help the body & mind in relaxing against the arid summer heat.

Over a year of R&D to create a unique process (patent pending) and the first ready to eat sattu product range was ready to launch!. In May 2017 Sattuvita was launched through Amazon. She says “The overall feedback received has been very positive. Customer interaction & feedback is very important, therefore we participated in several exhibitions/events so we can interact with customers and it has been very encouraging”. Within no time the sales picked up soon and the biggest testament to their efforts have been in Dec 2017, when Sattuvita won the Best Nutritious award in Women’s Most Trusted Brand awards category in Mumbai.

Sattuvita soups and drinks offer a wide variety of flavours in the ready to eat product range.

Message to women: 

“Don’t be afraid of failure. Every failure is a step in the right direction, even if it is a step back. Sometimes one needs to take a step back in order to change direction. Experience is the best teacher, so enjoy your failures and use the experience to learn from it rather than give up”